The main aims of this project are:

a) Assemble ancient materials and technologies which are now almost forgotten but still applicable in our country and also contemporary materials and techniques which may substitute historic ones in a compatible way: lime kilns still in use; lime preparation techniques; types of lime which may be extracted in our country; natural pozzolans and pozzolanic aggregates; materials with pozzolanic characteristics adequate for use in lime mortars.

b) Widen the knowledge of traditional materials and technologies.

c) Study the conservation strategies for architectural surfaces and techniques and materials for its achievement through consolidation and restore techniques, improving the use of processes and recovery of old materials.

d) Study, using innovative testing procedures, the viability of using these techniques and materials, taking into account their impact on the quality of renders and of the intervention itself.

e) Diffuse the knowledge acquired by the national technical milieu in order to contribute towards an improvement of conservation techniques in old renders, preventing the tragic destruction that they suffer nowadays.